Entire Building cropped.jpg

American Martyrs Gymnasium

Manhattan Beach, California

The gymnasium is one of two buildings added to this  campus in the same time period.  The existing church building is clad in blond brick, and the existing classroom building is clad in red brick.  The two added buildings were clad in the same colors of brick.  The gymnasium, in closest proximity to the church is finished in blond brick, with accents of red, while the added classroom building, in closest to the existing classroom building, was clad in red  brick with accents of blond. (see classroom building page)

Gymnasium Construction011.jpg

The building in construction.  The steel frame was left exposed in the interior of the structure

Interior adjusted.jpg

The gymnasium interior is illuminated in the daytime by high translucent clerestory glazing.  This glazing, on the East and West ends of the building are operable, providing natural ventilation.

Entry area 1.jpg

Massing at entry area showing transition from red to blond brick.

Across field to gymnasium.jpg

View of the gymnasium building across the athletic field (also designed by Burch Architects)

South Facade 5.jpg

Exterior view showing translucent clerestory windows

Owner     Archdiocese of Los Angeles

Contractor     Del Amo Construction