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Founded in 1978, William F. Burch Architects has been involved with many project categories and construction types.  There are several themes within our approach to architectural design that have remained constant throughout the history of the firm:

1)     A focus on relationships

The work we are involved with requires many participants to bring it into fruition.  Solid relationships with our clients, consultants, city agencies and construction teams are essential in moving a project along in an efficient manner.  An outgrowth of this focus has been numerous repeat clients and long term consultant relationships.

2)     A personal service approach to our work

We are honored, each time someone approaches us to provide architectural services for their project.  That sense of honor motivates us to provide our services in a responsive and proactive mode, understanding the special opportunities that all projects bring forward.

3)     An admiration of, and appreciation for, the construction process

A favorite quote of ours from Louis I. Kahn: "Listen to a man who works with his hands.  He may know a better way to do it".