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ROW DTLA      

Los Angeles

The first building to be renovated in the ROW DTLA complex, Building one comprises 250,000 square feet of area.  Constructed in the 1920's, this building was part of a terminal annex, serving as a warehouse / distribution center for freight trains arriving from the Port of Los Angeles.  Goods were transferred from the trains into the warehouse buildings, and then transferred to trucks to complete deliveries.

The building was converted from warehouse to office, restaurant and retail uses, and was upgraded to current seismic and accessibility standards

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A period view of the complex.  Building One is located to left.  Alameda Street is running diagonally to the right of the photo.


Prior to renovation, Building One is on the left.

Construction with Re-bar.jpg

A construction view showing reinforcing bar ready for installation.  This material was used for the added exterior seismic frames.

View looking South.  The new seismic frames were left in a natural concrete finish, while the remainder of the building was painted white.

Looking South.jpg

Owner / Developer     Evoq Properties

Construction Manager    Honnold Construction Management, Inc.

Contractor     W. E. O'Neil