Bijou Theater

Hermosa Beach

Built in the 1920’s as a theatre on the vaudeville circuit, the building was later converted to a cinema. 

Burch Architects, as the first tenant in the seismically retrofitted structure, converted the proscenium end of the theater into it’s own offices.  The existing remaining finishes were maintained and restored  while new offices and open work areas were established within the historic shell.

A new skylight was added to bring natural light into the deeper part of the space.

Bijou Historic 2 1924.jpg

View of building’s exterior from the 1920’s

Bijou Historic.jpg

View of the original interior showing the proscenium arch.


View of the proscenium arch during the construction / renovation phase,  The arch was painted black when the theater was converted into a cinema.


View from new conference room to original side gallery arches

Office 05.jpg

Overview of the office area

Office 02.jpg

The proscenium arch shown with private offices to the left and open area workstations to the right.

Office 01.jpg

Office area showing new added skylight.

Owner / Developer     CIM Group

Construction Management    William F. Burch Architects Incorporated